Conventional Slotted Domed Rupture Disk (LF Type)

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Conventional Slotted Domed Rupture Disk consists of a slotted metaltop section and a sealing lining.Burst pressure is controlled by the slottedand perforated top section. When excessive pressure occurs on the protectedsystem, the disk bursts along the pre-slotted lines to provide a full reliefopening.


Round Conventional Slotted Domed Rupture Disk (LF)

Designed for gas, liquid, dust service.
Maximum operating pressure up to 80% of theminimum burst pressure.
Few fragments on burst.
Withstand vacuum and backpressure with vacuumsupport.
Complex structure.
Suitable for low burst pressure conditions.
Poor fatigue resistance in pressure cycling conditions.

Bursting disc

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