Company Introduction

Hebei Runfeng Low Temperature Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a new high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, manufacture and research of low-temperature pressure vessels. The company’s leading products are low-temperature welding insulated bottles, low-temperature storage tanks, D1, D2 pressure vessels and other products. The annual output of low-temperature bottles is more than 40000, and that of storage tanks is more than 2000. The company has large-scale hydraulic swing plate bending machine, fully automatic numerical control four roller plate bending machine, automatic numerical control longitudinal seam, circumferential seam welding machine, vacuum pumping unit, CNC winding machine, electrostatic spraying, helium mass spectrometer leak detector, spectrum analyzer, automatic ultrasonic flaw detector, magnetic powder detector, X-ray digital imaging system and other production and testing equipment. The company has more than 200 employees, including more than 50 people with college degree or above, more than 30 people with bachelor degree or above, more than 20 high-tech talents and engineers, with strong technical force and perfect quality assurance system. The company invests a large amount of income every year for the development and test of new technologies and new products. Strive to create a standard enterprise in low temperature industry.


Runfeng Service Purpose

Runfeng has more than 300 employees, 41 engineers, and more than 70 sales personnel. Under the management of Runfeng people, from single original to complete equipment, from plan planning to on-site installation and construction, from sales service experience to comprehensive after-sales service , Runfeng people insist on serving more enterprises to realize the Chinese dream as their mission.