Cryogenic Storage Tank

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Main Features
* Mainly used in storage and transportation of liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, and liquefied natural gas
* Adopted high multi-layer insulation method to ensure the low evaporation rate.
* Inner vaporizer provides a 10Nm3/h stable continuous gas.
* Adopt the international CGA standard tie-in and all the valves installed imported from USA(Rego)
* Unique design of damping ring meets the needs of frequent transportation.
* Suitable for electronics, research, chemical industry, welding, and LNG supply industries. food processing, industrial welding, medical industry, industrial welding, plant breeding, engineering construction, etc.
We can produce according to customer's needs.

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Product Description

Liquid Nitrogen Tank. Automated equipment testing and production ensures the production efficiency of the product. The production process of layer-by-layer inspection makes customers more assured. Through continuous technical accumulation, Runfeng series of cryogenic storage tank products and business scale have always been in the forefront of the country. Provide industry users with overall solutions in various fields from storage to industrial applications, fully meeting the needs of industry users.

Model: 1m³---500m³

Pressure: 0.8Mpa---3.5Map

Application scenarios: food processing, medical industry, cutting industry, etc.

Capacity: 1m³--200m³ 100 units per month



Technical Parameters of Vertical Cryo-storage Tanks
Geometric Volume Work Pressure(MPa) Liquid Gases Weight(kg) Tare Weight(kg) Inner vessel Outer vessel Overall Dimensions (mm) Diameter of outer vessel(mm)
3 m³ 0.8 3066 2178 3792 1145 / 1606 S30408 Q345R 3464*1866*1751 1600
1.6 / 1864
2.1 2999 2110
2.16 / / / / 3167 2250 16MnDR
5 m³ 0.8 4924 3499 6091 1840 / 2230 S30408 Q345R 3534*2365*2165 2000
1.6 / 2595
2.1 4816 2995
2.16 / / / / 5084 3127 16MnDR
6 m³ 0.8 6093 4329 7536 2276 / 2460 S30408 Q345R 4034*2365*2165 2000
1.6 / 2951
2.1 5959 3335
2.16 / / / / 6290 3485 16MnDR
8 m³ 0.8 8208 5832 10152 3067 / 3000 S30408 Q345R 4950*2365*2165 2000
1.6 / 3860
2.1 8028 4230
2.16 / / / / 8474 4430 16MnDR
10 m³ 0.8 10260 7290 12690 / / 3617 S30408 Q345R 5806*2365*2165 2000
1.6 / / 4529
2.1 3834 10035 5068
2.16 / / / / 10592 5350 16MnDR
Note: The above technical parameters may be changed without prior notice due to modification and development. If there is any change, please refer to the confirmed drawing.


Main Features

1.Many years experience in cryogenic liquid storage tank's designing and manufacturing.

2.Professional and powerful team to support the business of our company.

3.Superior raw material to make the high quality products.

4.Various kinds of cryogenicliquid storage tank can be proveded for and customized products can also be accepted.


Detailed Images

nitrogen storage tank

 Metal Sheet Rolling

  S30408 Inner Tank Weldin

  Head top welding

portable liquid nitrogen tank

Internal piping design Pipe assembly Finish product Inspection



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