Liquid Argon Bottle

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Main Features
* Mainly used in storage and transportation of liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, and liquefied natural gas
* Adopted high multi-layer insulation method to ensure the low evaporation rate.
* Inner vaporizer provides a 10Nm3/h stable continuous gas.
* Adopt the international CGA standard tie-in and all the valves installed imported from USA(Rego)
* Unique design of damping ring meets the needs of frequent transportation.
* Suitable for electronics, research, chemical industry, welding, and LNG supply industries. food processing, industrial welding, medical industry, industrial welding, plant breeding, engineering construction, etc.
We can produce according to customer's needs.

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Product Description

LNG Dewar, natural gas is one of the most important energy sources in the world, dewars play an important role in the storage and transportation of natural gas, our products use steel plates that meet international standards to ensure product quality, The vacuum multi-layer winding technology reduces the loss during use, and the gasification system that comes with the bottle makes it more convenient for customers to use. The layered testing process and the results of multiple tests ensure product quality. We support customization of different specifications between 80L and 1000L to meet customer needs.

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Main Features fill liquid oxygen for medical use, as an equipment for providing LO2; fill oxygen for the cutting, welding, and heating of metal in industry; fill liquid argon for argon-arc welding and other protection occasion of argon; fill liquid nitrogen for the protective use by high nitrogen, and the field of food, pharmaceutical, biotech,

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S30408 Refined Polish

Each of our cylinder must strictly go throughdegreasing and refined polish.

Digitail level gauge Optional

we provide digital level gauge for option, which is show by precision percentage.

Anti-Shock Rubber Cushion

The thicken rubber cushion can greatly prevent the inner container from any sudden shock and bufferthe impact.


25 layers of Vacuum insulated quilt

We use 25 layers of mutiple thermal insulated quilt to ensure the vacuum effectiveness.

Protective ring.

Each of our cylinder has two protective rings to protect the brass vaporizer coils and pressure built coils from any deformation

Firm Foundation Structure.

Our DPL-450L&410L serials are all fabricated by bolts and nuts with strong frame foundation.




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