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Introduction of ansuda

Ansuda small cryogenic liquid storage tank is a kind of small gas equipment integrated with a fixed base and a high vacuum multi-layer adiabatic cryogenic liquid storage tank and is equipped with cryogenic liquid filling and self-pressurizing vaporization systems.
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At present, Ansuda small cryogenic liquid storage tank, as a simple and convenient new gas supply mode that replaces steel cylinders and Dewars, has been widely used at home and abroad, and can provide high quality gas products with advanced storage and transportation methods. And its technology has matured.

Standard function

With perlite or composite super insulation material-provide the best insulation system on the market today.

Double-layer sheath structure, including

1.The stainless steel inner container is compatible with cryogenic liquids and optimized for lightweight.
2. Carbon steel shell with integrated support and lifting system, which can simplify transportation and installation.
3. The durable coating provides maximum corrosion resistance and meets the highest environmental compliance standards.
4. Modular piping system combines high performance, durability and low maintenance cost.
5. Reduce the number of joints, minimize the risk of external leakage, and simplify the installation process.
6. Easy to use control valves and instruments.
7. Comprehensive safety functions designed to provide maximum protection for operators and equipment.
8. Meet the most stringent seismic requirements.
9. Compatible with various cryogenic storage tank components and accessories to provide complete installation.

Application scenarios

Runfeng engineers can customize cryogenic storage tanks and solutions according to customer needs, whether you are a food processor who wants to install large storage tanks such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide to freeze food, or you need medical oxygen for hospital use, and store bulk argon for welding Or for the long-term storage and transportation of cryogenic liquids and other various purposes, Runfeng has a storage solution suitable for you. Runfeng is committed to all aspects of reduced maintenance and the lowest cost of ownership. Runfeng cryogenic storage tank series has thousands of installations across the country, which can provide the most effective solutions for the long-term storage and transportation of liquefied nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide. It is widely used in industry, science, Leisure, food, medical, etc.

Welding industry

Liquid argon cylinder2683

Medical industry

Liquid nitrogen bottle2732

Automobile industry

Liquid argon cylinder2705

Aquaculture industry

Liquid carbon dioxide bottle2712

Gases subpackage industry

Liquid argon cylinder2733

catering trade

Liquid carbon dioxide bottle2757

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